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Ask the Experts: What

Ask the Experts: What’s the best way to apply foundation?

Q: I’ve heard conflicting advice on how to apply foundation. Which is best: fingers, sponge or brush?    If it is a liquid foundation, you can apply it with your

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This will change the way you look at yourself

How many times have you been told to do that you can’t do certain things because you’re a woman? How many times have you heard, read and been spoken to


5 Simple Ways to Blend Natural Hair with Half Wigs

Half wigs are a great way to give majority of your hair a break, while rocking a quick style that’s both cute and wearable. There are plenty of half wigs

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How To Do Your Makeup With One Product (You Already Own)

  Lipstick: the product that was our first foray into makeup (when our mum finally let us) and has since been hauled around in our handbag on the daily. But, while its

7 natural anti-ageing winter skin beauty buys

Keep your face, hair and teeth healthy this party season with our pick of the best natural beauty products from Alba Botanica Fast Fix Coconut Hydrate Sheet Mask (£3.49)

Kerry Washington Rocks Her Natural Hair for Allure Magazine

It’s not everyday we see a black woman gracing the cover of a mainstream magazine. It’s even less likely we see her rocking her natural hair throughout her spread. Kerry


Want to know the secret to Anushka Sharma’s luscious locks?

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Meet Alexis: tgin Naturalista of the Month

        We are excited to introduce you to our very first tgin Naturalista of the Month, Alexis! Read her inspirational journey to natural and check out her